Thursday, December 9, 2010

Do Women Need Their Own Sports Website?


ESPN apparently thinks so. As new data continues to pour in about the skyrocketing increase in the size of the female sports fan market and their spending potential, ESPN has decided that the time is right to launch

The site will cover both male and female sports and will provide information about training. It will also provide “Olympics coverage,” i.e. more human interest stories, since this is what ESPN’s research has told them is the gold standard for women. (Siegel, 2010)

Given that 76% of ESPN’s viewers are currently male this could be a rich source of new revenue. What do you think? Is it worth a try? Will it be a success?

Siegel, F. (2010, December 8) ESPN’s Big New Site For Women, Finally Launching Today. Retrieved December 8, 2010, from


  1. I like this idea! I think that I may actually look at a sports website if it was geared towards women. Especially if they talked about the olympics and such. Even if a lot of women are watching ESPN, from what I have seen most of sports media outlets are absolutely geared towards men. The idea that women could have a place to go to enjoy their sports should have probably been created way before this. The sports coverage is overwhelmingly male and a website might be just what we needed to boost the female population in the sports world Sports journalist jobs are overwhelmingly white and male. Women are just 6% of sports editors, 10% of assistant sports editors, 6% of columnists, 9% of reporters and 16% of copy editors/designers according to So those numbers are pretty low, yes to magazine!

  2. yeah i think it's definitely worth a try. i do think that human interest articles appeal much more to women, and that would be a good thing to have on the site, because i can't imagine those articles ever being on regular ESPN.
    but i do think that many women sports fans might be offended by this, thinking that espn is trying to say they're not equal to men or something.

  3. I think this is a great idea and it's definitely a good idea that they tweaked the kind of programming they will be offering. I'm not a sports fan but I have friends who are and they are usually very committed to a single team or group of players and follow them religiously. Eventually it seems like it becomes more of a statistics and numbers game than it is really about the players themselves. I feel like that aspect of it can turn a lot of people (myself included) off to the idea in general so the approach of people first story-oriented content is the way to go.

  4. Sure, I think it is worth a try. Honestly I am surprised this was not thought off earlier. Though this website will include sports information, I think it is great idea that they are incorporating human interest topics. Though I am not a fan of sports, out of curiosity i will check it out. This way if my boyfriend wanted to discuss sports, I'll be a bit knowledgeable. sounds like an overall experience for the female sports fan. I approve!!!!!