Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Real Beauty for Men?


Can a brand that has made a strong connection with women do the same with men? Dove is about to find out.

In 2006, Dove kicked off its award-winning “Real Beauty” campaign, targeting women, to great fanfare, with a 45-second spot on the Super Bowl. The much talked about spot, and the even stronger viral effort that followed, led to several years of double digit sales increases until momentum slowed. (Fawcett, 2007)

Stand by for the new “Dove Men+Care” line making its debut with a similar 45-second spot aimed at men in this Sunday’s Super Bowl. (Corr, 2010). Will men want to buy body and face washes that offer cleansing and moisturizing? The success of Axe body washes suggests they will. So, the big question is how will Dove make that all important emotional connection with their new target? Tune in Sunday, and find out.

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  1. After having seen the Dove Super Bowl ad, I think they missed the mark on reaching the emotional triggers of the target. The commercial is trying to tie together the notion of "comfort" from two different angles - the comfort of having achieved many of life's precious milestones, and the comfort of having soft, clean skin. I think the ad is a bit too convuluted or even too deep and it falls short of sending a clear message why a man should buy their product. For example Axe Body's ads are simple - use Axe, get women. It's clear and their is a good end result.