Friday, January 15, 2016

Note to Calvin Klein, I left something in my cart because your website was broken.

It all started when I bought something from the Calvin Klein website.  Normally I would unsubscribe from their emails as soon as my purchase arrived.  But since I thought I might buy a second item if I was happy with the first one I did not do so.. 

A short time later I received an email alerting me to a sale so I went onto the site to make an additional purchase.  I made my selection, put the item in my shopping cart and stopped dead.  Because there was no way to get to my cart.  I searched around a while and then gave up.

The next day I received a "you left something in your cart" email.  I thought good, and pressed the link.  Guess what happened?  It took me to an error message.

So, I had to laugh when I read the Wall Street Journal article lamenting about people abandoning their carts.  They left poor website/email management off their list of reasons why.  (Wells, 2015)  Based on my experience, and not just with Calvin Klein, it should be high on the list.

And as far as annoying follow-up emails go, they piss me off.  Companies should really think twice about outsourcing their customer service to an algorithm.  It's so much easier to lose a customer than get one. 

Wells, C. (2015, December 1)  What Online Retailers Will Do to Get You to Click 'Buy.'  Retrieved January 14, 2016, from

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