Friday, August 21, 2015

If you bought your pet a birthday gift, you’re probably a Millennial.

Americans spent almost $20 billion on their pets last year.  That’s a lot of dog treats. 

62% of Americans have at least one pet.  And 95% of them think their pets are part of the family.  I knew that because my brother made me get up and give the dog back his chair the last time I visited.  I guess we know where I rank.

71% own dogs versus 49% for cats.  11% have fish.  I have plants. 

Despite the fact that Millennials also like to dress their pets in clothes, Gen X actually has the highest percent of pet ownership at 71%, followed by Millennials at 65%.  And, if you visit one for the holidays don’t forget to bring a gift – 64% of Americans buy their pets holiday gifts too!

Irwin, T. (2015, August 21)  Americans’ Spending Proves Love of Pets.  Retrieved August 21, 2015, from

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