Friday, February 6, 2015

Is partnering with 50 Shades of Grey a smart move for Trojan?

The film version of 50 Shades of Grey will debut just in time for Valentine's Day.  Trojan has created a :15 teaser which will run in theaters, designed to drive people to a 2 minute plus video on YouTube. 

The video will also be promoted on Facebook and Twitter, and consumers are being encouraged to join the dialog at #50ShadesofTrojan.

The campaign is targeted primarily to women in a relationship, but Trojan believes that all couples will relate.  I think they may be right.  (Irwin, 2015)

Take a look and see what you think. 

Does it make you want to buy Trojan lubricants and vibrations?

Irwin, T. (2015, February 4)  Trojan Pegs Video To '50 Shades Of Grey'  Retrieved February 5, from


  1. This concept of incorporating 50 Shades of Gray with Trojan is an epic advertising opportunity that compliments both brands well. 50 Shades of Gray is one book that has managed to spark sexual arousal and and the desire for romance among a vast number of women. With that said, trojan can only win and profit as a result.

  2. Trojans new online advertisement Get out of the Grey Area / AKA #ShadesOfTrojan presents an emotional transmission of consumption desire through pop-culture reference and a surprising lack of product placement to efficiently spread their message that “you don’t need to go to extremes to have extremely good sex. Simple additions to your bedroom essentials such as Trojan Lubricants and Trojan Vibrations can increase the pleasure for both partners.”(Fifty Shades of Real Pleasure youtube captions (

    In the advert an array of shocking and dramatic props can be seen including floggers, blindfolds, pink furry handcuffs, male thongs with metal accessories, ninja suits, a sex swing, duct tape acting as hand cuffs, a large bag of ice to be thrown on partner, and a metal bucket.

    Unlike many successful advertisements where we see the product dominantly in the front of the screen space, or at least in the background, Trojan does an excellent job of showing the opposite extremes, causing the consumer to realize over the course of the ad how much simpler their life would have been if they just chose Trojan.

    The dialogue sets Trojans key to targeting in on their niche market from the start with the opening line; 

    “You know believe it or not, there was a time when I could come home from work not thinking, hey! I should pop in and buy a ball-gag!”

    This line defines our target audience as Women, in the latter part of their sexual relationship with their partner who are old enough to remember sex in a similar time, yet young enough that they are willing to experiment into uncomftorable terrority to spice up their sex life. These women are those who who want their men “To Take Charge”(Fifty Shades of Real Pleasure quote) in both sexual and most likely general manners of a two party relationship. This is then further supported through the color pallet choices with the targeted women in red, a go to color for attention grabbing & excitement while the other two characters (male partner and female therapist) are wearing light hues of brown & purple seamlessly allowing their characters to blend into the background setting.

    The advertisement I believe will be very successful with its tie into pop culture and the wave of hits the movie and book have already produced, allowing their products to be subconsciously related every time a consumer thinks of either.

    The end message I get from this advertisement is procession & security. By simply purchasing Trojan products, you are protecting your relationship & your physical body. In 2015 Trojan does not need to establish itself as the strongest, most advanced condom with developments like the Ultra-Sensitive Reconstituted Collagen Condom or others, but rather a play on emotional desires and concerns that many of their consumers go through day to day, year to year. I predict this campaign will in fact raise the sales quite dramatically of the Trojan brand based off the success of the movie 50 Shades of Grey if they can get the consumers to watch it.

  3. Although marketer from Trojan said the commercial aims to target women in their 25+ in a relationship and other ads on Trojan's website also target this age group, the 2 mins commercial shots seems more related to couple who have got married years or aged years older than 25, and who are so desperate for new sexy excitement to give themselves a lift (the consumer insight?). But I guess the movie is hot among girls in their 20's, who still fancy with Prince Charming (that's why Christian Grey is hot and sounds mystery to them). Thus, I think the movie audience profile and the targeted consumer of the Trojan commercial have a bit dis-match.

    However, Trojan do a good job by linking the "50 shades of" heat with its rich product variety #50 shades of Trojan# and delivering the key message "Trojan is your real pleasant sex shades" clearly. It's supported by "easy to use" in contrast with the trying efforts the couple tried, "easy to get"-available in cvs and online, and "pleasant performance" - the guy donated the swing to senior center.

    The storyline is clear, the way of storytelling is humorous, the way the couple imitate the shades is funny and the guy's last sentence makes me laugh. The execution should have made the commercial more appealed to Trojan consumers.

    Media selection is a clear choice as the movie is going to hit the theater calendar of Valentines Day, and it's smart to utilize the “50 Shades of Grey” heat on Facebook and Twitter to amplify Trojan message/ dialogue nationwide.

    - Commented by Mengying Li

  4. This is a cute and funny ad. I do think that it will be relatable because many of us can relate to a having fantasy that is clearly not easily made into reality. However, it does not make me want to buy Trojan condoms and I do not think the ad will persuade others to buy either. First, the ad is long and although funny it doesn't mention what they are advertising until the last five seconds of the ad. We don't know what they are trying to sell us. Second, because the ad so long I think it is likely that people will lose interest before they even get to the end where they promote the product. Also if they are promoting this during the 50 Shades of Grey movie, I think people want to believe that they can recreate the fantasy they see in the movie and in a way this could burst their bubble before they even making an attempt to recreate the fantasy they saw in the movie.

    -Evelyn R

  5. Although making fun of the book and the movie to open soon, I think this is a greater Ad for the film itself than for Trojan product. I don't think it will enhance sales as desired and planned, not even by the 20% existing "niche" users it targets which are as shown here the mid-thirties married couples who are bored and in need of some spicing up. It will however make people go to watch the movie. The couple in the ad ridiculed the “50 shades of grey” of a younger couple who has a totally different lifestyle expressing “this” has not worked for them and wanting to be “themselves” only to introduce at the end another “sex product/tool/accessory” , Trojan Lubricants and Vibrators.
    "Making fun" of the sexiest book that was out there recently and saying it did NOT do the work, and then introduce a lubricant and vibrator is NOT the right execution to make this target of people want to buy more of that product. If anything, it will make them think after watching, oh we need a romantic relaxing get away where the real pleasure will just happen by itself.
    But they might watch the movie! :)
    Ninar K

  6. I am pretty sure, that this partnering approach with the movie is a good chance to make better selling for the product Trojan Lubricant and Vibration.

    The main reason for this is the fact that many sexual related products are considered to be poorly made and uncredited.. Because these kinds of products are designed to be touched to customers’ body, people who are very sensitive for their health will be afraid of the products that they never heard. (at least, I am) This partnering idea looks very good to me because the more they expose their products to public, the better brand image they can get.

    I haven't been the target for the Trojan since I have never thought about buying the products like lubricant and vibration. However, I think I will consider it if I can purchase them in a big market like Pathmark, or Target, because it will be less embarrassed for me to buy them. I will never get in the small sex shop for the products. The point is if buying Trojan lubricants and vibration is the thing like everyone else does, the sales rate will be raised a lot.

  7. This ad is pretty funny. Even though I haven't read the book and the movie of 50 shades of grey, I can get the main idea that people forget who they suppose to be from the ad, referring the product's function- easy to use. In addition, this ad will get attention from those who have seen the movie or book and make fun for them. Otherwise, this ad also touches people emotional feelings- love and simple, fitting the product itself, used by couples, and makes people believe that purchasing these products can bring the joy for couples. I think the sales of lubricant and vibration will increase after the ad releases.

    Tommy( Ping-liang liu

  8. First, I would like to know who their target market is and the age. I don’t think women or adults in general who are similar in age to the couple portrayed in the teaser video will be watching a 2-minute YouTube ad. Even myself, at age 22 doesn’t have time to just watch advertisements, let alone browse YouTube so I don’t think that adults in their early 30’s will be acting differently. If the target demographic age is early 20’s then I think the ad will be successful, especially as the novel has taken the younger culture by storm. This target is easily influenced by popular culture and media, and to be honest, the younger generation is more sexualized so they would be open this “wild” sex trend.