Friday, April 25, 2014

If P&G gives you a professional headshot will you buy their products?

P&G has taken notice of the fact that some soon-to-be college graduates are posting selfies for their online profiles and has decided to step in and help them out with some advice and professional quality head shots.

Specifically, they will be launching a campaign that will include visits to three college campuses by company representatives from their Aussie, Cover Girl, Gillette, Olay, Secret and Venus brands.  They will provide beauty and grooming services and the opportunity to take a professional headshot.  LinkedIn is a partner in the effort and career specialists will be on hand to help students update their profiles.  A companion website will offer information about the topic as well. (Baar, 2014)

So what do you think?  Will this effort motivate participants to use their products? 

Baar, A.  (2014, April 22)  P&G Helps Grads With Professional Profiles.  Retrieved April 24, 2014, from


  1. I actually think that this is a really good and fun idea. If I saw this on my college campus I would definitely want to try it out! I also think that this is a great marketing strategy because it brings awareness to these brands through Facebook.

  2. If P&G gives me a professional headshot to post in networking websites to help me launch a job, I will absolutely buy their products. As it is I'm already buying some of P&G's household products but to show my appreciate for helping me launch a job -- as a sign of my appreciation -- I will be very cognizant that if I buy household products it will be P&G brands.

    I think it's a great marketing campaign as it will give new college graduates the boost to develop their personal brand and guide them to express their professional side online with more confidence. As it is with the economy still struggling, recent college graduates are having a hard time getting a job in the field of their chosen career. Many of them are very inexperience as to how to market themselves, and any guidance that gives new college graduates the edge to stand out is always a big plus.

    This move is a great PR and marketing move for P&G because it will earn them a positive image as well as get consumers to buy their products.