Thursday, March 28, 2013

Will this ad cost Nike customers?

On Monday Nike posted this ad on Facebook and Twitter. 

The move has generated a storm of social media reaction.  (Forbes, 2013)

Check out Jen Floyd Engel’s column for Fox Sports and some of the many comments it has generated.

So what do you think?  Will this ad generate more sales than it loses?

Forbes, T. (2013, March 27)  Nike In The Rough Over Tiger Ad.  Retrieved March 27, 2013, from


  1. I don't think this ad will generate sales for Nike. First of all, I had to search the entire ad three times to finally see the Nike logo on Tiger's shirt. At a glance, it is not evident what the ad is for. In addition, the controversy surrounding Tiger Woods is still present and may take a long time to dissipate. The ad generates a conversation about Tiger and golf, not necessarily buying Nike apparel. The slogan, "Winning Takes Care of Everything" sends a message that if you win, everything will be fine, which is just not true. My vote is NO for this one.

  2. Immediately, I had a visceral reaction when I saw the advertisement. Nike is sending such a bad message. But what does it matter? They are business, and I don't think most people will bat an eyelash. I'm not for the school of thought on crucifying someone forever for a cheating scandal. People, especially athletes and politicians, fall from grace. It happens--we are complicated human beings. But what are they trying to achieve with this slogan? And specifically, what is Nike referring to when they say "winning takes care of everything." What is "everything?" I couldn't even tell that this was a Nike ad until I took my eyes off those powerful, showy words. It's a bad advertisement--and it makes me wonder if the person/people who created this felt like they wanted to be funny, or if they weren't being self-expressed in their personal life. And felt like telling the world what they really thought. Sigh...Nike needs to regroup.

  3. Wow!! For me, its too soon to see Tiger Woods as spokesperson. Yes great golfer and I was one of his greatest supporters but come on you can't just pretend his reputation isn't in the mud no matter how great of a golfer he is.
    "Winning Takes Care Of Everything" seems elitist.
    Is he a Teflon man, nothing sticks to him.
    Nike got the attention they were looking for.

  4. When I saw the Ad, my mouth dropped open. It really is arrogant on both Nike and Tiger's part, HOWEVER, I think it will work beautifully for Nike in terms of sales. I believe that the sentiment expressed in this Ad is one that is either shared or admired by a large % of Nike's niche, and that is men who play competitive sports, whom if good at the sport, esteem themselves as having the privilege of not having to play by the rules. I think there is still some of the "Just Do It' element in this Ad too, it says, if you mess up, just make sure to become a winner and all will be forgotten. I think many men will / would subscribe to that.