Thursday, June 14, 2012

Have you watched a video online today? How long was it?

According to a new global study from Ooyala, videos longer than 10 minutes accounted for half of the total time that people spent watching online video in Q1 2012.  (Loechner, 2012)

Total video viewing on smartphones grew by 41%, and tablet viewing grew by 32%.  And while most of us (55%) limited ourselves to one long form video per day, 10% of the audience is watching more than five a day.

The report concludes that viewers aren’t changing the kind of content they consume, just where they choose to consume it. (Ooyala, 2012).

What do you think?  Are you watching more long form videos and where are you watching them?

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  1. Personally, I would say the time I spend viewing videos online is comparable to the time I spend viewing live television broadcast. Online services such as Youtube, Hulu, and Netflix certainly has made it a lot easier to view videos instantly and is also more accessible since it can be downloaded anywhere at anytime through an ample amount of means. According to Yahoo’s study in 2011, the long form videos that are increasingly being accessed online are mostly full-length movies and full length TV shows. Many television companies such as HBO have even created an online channel (i.e. HBOGo) to accommodate viewers that do not have the time to watch their televised scheduled programs. Another aspect of long form video to consider is mixed media. According to this Yahoo study, 57 percent of people enjoy watching videos online when shown in the context of an article. This allows the viewer to gain more information about the article they are interested in while also providing entertainment.

  2. With information usage and technologies becoming more sophisticated (ipad, tablets, nooks, kindle fire etc), it actually makes sense that more people would watch videos longer. In my household, just today alone, my 4 year-old daughter watched two Disney Jr. cartoons online using the ipad during the late evening car ride home; while my 12 year old also used an ipad to watch music videos. My husband and I on the other hand watch less videos online during the week, but do find that on weekends, we watch online sports via our internet TV (because we don’t have access to those networks in our regular cable channels). This could be an opportunity for digital advertising.


  3. Today i watched a 4 min video for another nyu class. Outside of this reason i am not one to spend my day surfing to watch videos of any length. Guess thats why the averages are down still.


  4. I think Monica hit the nail on the head – video streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Instant are all major contributors to the move toward long form videos. All five national broadcast networks now provide full episodes to be steamed online, and major cable networks are following suit. ESPN and HBO even have their own app, WatchESPN and HBOGO, which allows consumers to stream network programming from their desktop, tablet or mobile phone. Major League Baseball offers their MLBTV subscription service; allowing consumers to stream every game live and provide access to archived games. The past year, every game of the March Madness tournament was available to be streamed online. Music festivals Coachella and Bonnaroo also featured live streams of band’s performances. Add to that the countless number of videos on YouTube and Vimeo – it’s no surprise more and more users are moving toward long-form media.

    Personally, I take advantage of almost ever service named. I use Netflix, Hulu and HBOGO for movies and television. Before I moved to NYC, I subscribed to MLBTV to watch Yankee games. I was able to catch Radiohead’s recent performance at Bonnaroo live via YouTube. I even found myself watching the NBA Finals via my iPad while I watched the Yankee game on television this past Sunday. Though I continue to watch my share of short, funny videos, the majority of my consumption of steaming media has certainly moved to long form.


  5. When I initially read the blog I thought with the amount of information available, the limited time people have and how busy people become, there is no way that is possible. My initial thoughts was focused on news and content based video (YouTube). However, I took a moment to pause to recognize streaming video extends far beyond content based video. It also includes TV Shows and movies. Taking this into consideration, the large percentage of people watching streaming video over 10 minutes in duration makes complete sense. This is one of the primary reasons Blockbuster and other brick and mortar video rental companies are out of business. I can count on one hand the number of physical DVDs I have rented over the last year. However, I have easily watched 10-15 movies streaming through NetFlix or Vudu. This reverts back to my initial comment on time. With such limited time and it being such a valuable commodity, people take advantage to preserve as much time as possible. Being able to stream movies and TV Shows from your TV or computer save 15, 30, 45 minutes or more when being rented from a brick and mortar store. Digital media is still in its infancy. We have barely begun to uncover the depths of what it can do, will do. This gives people to be innovators and pioneers how audiences are being reached. CBS Interactive has a unique product offering for its on-demand service. They have built a highly interactive module where product placement can also be advertised in the interface. When a product is advertised, the user can click on the product and actually purchase it right then and there, while still viewing the selected TV show. My forecast is when babyboomers are dead and gone, tv as we know it now will no longer exist. By then everything will be on demand with a fee based subscription or per episode payment. I would presume episodes will still be released on a weekly basis, but advertising will change completely for the industry. Ironically a television media planner I know at a large agency got into a argument about this recently. He told me television is not going anywhere for a long time and it will always being the leader in advertising.

  6. Personally, I watch most of my movies and tv shows on my phone. Since singing up for Netflix I now choose my shows according to the free streaming movies. If I need to rent a specific movie I can do so through iTunes for 3.99 and watch it on my phone or Apple TV. I rarely watch long from TV and definitely never a movie with commercials.

  7. I have a roommate and she is obsessed with the television the cable schedule dictates her life. On the other hand I could take or leave it listening to music is more my style for enjoyment and passing the time away. However I do enjoy whats left of the written programs that have survived the reality show invasion.

    My 27 inch iMac, Netflix and Hulu have partnered up to allowed me to watch the shows or movies I like when I want to. I will never be a slave to the cable schedule that my roommate has be so accustomed to.

    My iPad has allowed me to watch video basically anywhere and anytime. It is a no brainer to think that people aren't watching more video on the internet. TV controlled what times we had to watch the programs we wanted but now that we have more options of where to watch our shows and how to watch them without these options I would not be watching the amount of programs that I see now which means that I am seeing more advertisements as well.


  8. I am not the kind of person who watches long-form video on a daily basis. I have a Droid X2 Phone and a Galaxy Tab 7”. But I use them both more for reading books and the news and staying on top of my friends and family on Facebook while traveling in and out of the city.. My days are spent going to class, doing homework and spending time with my wife and son. I watch movies and shows but only on TV with my family.
    I think that it may have to do with my age and lifestyle. It would seem to me that those who watch video more often are under the age of 30 or their jobs are tied to watching videos on line. The other day, I downloaded the no hitter pitched by Johan Santana of the Mets on ITunes. I never got to see the game live. But the funny thing is I don’t know if I ever will watch it. I guess I am saving it on my computer for posterity. Every once in a while I download a movie from iTunes but I usually never get a chance to watch those either.
    I don’t know what the fascination of watching movies on a phone or tablet comes from. I don’t think you can get from the tiny screen much of what the director intended for us to see when they are making movies or TV shows.
    Maybe it’s my age or maybe it’s just me. But I guess the gist of it is that I just don’t have the desire to watch movies or TV shows on my tablet or phone.

    Jason G