Thursday, February 16, 2012

Do Gen Y women only care about smelling good?

This week Burt’s Bees launched a new line called Gud targeted to Women 18-24.  While their existing products are bought primarily by Gen X women who are avoiding parabens and worrying about the environment and their wrinkles, this new line will go in a totally different direction and focus on Gen Y’s desire for indulgent fragrances. (Mahoney, 2012)

They’re going to hedge their bets by keeping the Burt’s Bees name on the products, but with fragrances like Floral Cherrynova, it’s pretty clear that they are looking for younger consumers.  While that certainly makes sense in terms of demographics, I can’t help wondering if such a departure from their core competency is a good idea.

What do you think?  Are Women 18-24 totally focused on indulgence and products that appeal to their senses?  Will the presence of the Burt’s Bees name hurt or help the new line to add Gen Y’s to their customer base?  Will these new customers migrate to the basic product line as they age?  Are you going to try Gud?

Mahoney, S. (2012, February 14).  Burt’s Bees Launches Gud, Aimed At Gen Y.  Retrieved February 15, 2012, from


  1. In my opinion,there is nothing wrong expanding their brand to new young and fresh markets where they spot an opportunity. The key for this new line to be successful an don't affect the brands name is to remembering the core values and beliefs of the brand, because at the end of the day that is what makes Burt's Bees successful. I would definitely try this new line of products.

  2. I was just in the drugstore today and I notice the proliferation of Burts products. I buy them occasionally (I am 33, female, looking for non-toxic stuff). I think that harm could come to the brand if they are offering too many choices. The beauty of the brand at some point was its simplicity... this stuff is made out of honey and some other natural stuff. And the mascot, I believe is still a scruffy man with a beard, though maybe they have removed him from some products. So by putting too many things on the shelf, they might be alienating those already overwhelm by choices at the drugstore. They are no longer a haven of natural simplicity, but part of the problem. -- Amy Wolf

  3. Why should woman in the age of 18-24 not be focused on indulgence and wrinkles?
    In that young age, woman have to prepare the skin for getting older, the sun, wrinkles and so on. Therefore I think it is fantastic, that Burt’s Bees have decided to expand their assortment with natural care for the younger target.
    Burt’s Bees is a strong brand, and with the new product, Gud, they will properly get different opinions, but that will only help the brand’s reputation. This is a positive development, and can only get great success.

    This is a fantastic announcement, and I can’t wait to try it.
    - Mathilde Ring

  4. I do not think that smelling good is one of the most important things for young women. Women this age care more about how they look, so we spend more in products that help us improve our appearance rather than the way we smell.

    When we are going to choose what brand we buy in beauty products, we usually go for the trendiest one and the one that people our age are using. This is why I do not think it is such a good idea to use Burt’s Bees name on the product; because immediately we are going to relate the product to an older generation. If we see a new fragrance with the same brand as our grandmother’s moisturizer, we are going to assume that the fragrance is also design for her and no one wants to smell like her grandmother.

    I think they should do a brand extension, and launch a new line for young women that does not relate to the existing one.

  5. I think women 18-24 aren't only focused on indulgence and products that appeal to their senses. I think they care about many things like price, quality, and the name of product.

    I think the presence of Burt's Bees name will hurt the new line to add gen Y's to their customer base , although it's a new line products for genY but they put the Burt's Bees name on products will make genY consumers assume that this products is for genX consumers. So I don't agree with Burt's Bees name on it.


  6. Based on the consumer insight, "she" is indulging, peachy, and feels sexy. On average, ages 18-24 are less concerned with the effectiveness of a product (as well as ingredients), but more concerned with the feeling it enhances especially in the crucial time of adulthood--the feeling of smelling sexy, feeling fresh, and independent as means to their evolvement of their youth to a young adult (the emotional benefit).

    Adding a product line to Burt’s Bees brand will draw an attention to a new niche target. I'm not sure if the product itself will be effective functionally (or environmentally. But I really think they found the right niche of a younger audience, as they understand the consumer insight; their desires of feeling "fun and playful."

    I think it can work!!

    Eunice Lee