Thursday, October 14, 2010

Will focusing on just three markets be a successful strategy for Jaguar?


For its latest campaign, Jaguar, who seems to be on a roll with a +13% sales increase versus last year, has decided to concentrate their limited budget in their three best markets – L.A., Miami and New York. Together these markets represent 13% U.S. And, as Jaguar points out, these are heavy travel markets so their plans include a significant billboard presence in airports.
(Greenberg, 2010)

Do you think this strategy will work? Or would they have been better off sponsoring Meet The Press?

Greenberg, K. (2010, September 10). Jaguar’s Marketing VP Dishes On Strategy. Retrieved October 13, 2010, from


  1. I think overall this strategy is positive. However the big disadvantage is that most people who live in the city do not drive,so why would they need a jaguar? At the same time many people who work in the city do not live there permanently, they live in the suburbs where driving is required. So featuring their campaigns at airports is a good idea, they are targeting the large population of commuters. It was mentioned in the article that Jaguar also campaigned at Carnagie Hall in New York, which is an example of targeting a large number of people, most of whom do not live in the city and most likely drive cars. I like this strategy, as long as they do not focus on the people who permanently live in the cities.

  2. I think this is a great idea, particularly for LA and Miami where driving is much more crucial than it is in New York. And the fact that they are advertising within airports seems like a great idea since they have a great potential of reaching businessmen on trips in those areas who may return to other cities and decide to buy one at home so that they still reach beyond the areas in which they're actually advertising.

    And thinking more about New York, despite the fact that most people don't drive, the few people that do are probably people that are wealthy enough to afford and desire a Jaguar.

  3. I think this is not a bad idea since Jaguar is trying to redefine its image as a luxury brand targeted toward the wealthy, and there are many well-off people in LA, Miami, and NYC. By aligning itself with exclusive clubs, hotels, and concert halls, I think it is also trying to attract people who can go to those places. Overall, it is a pretty targeted market.

  4. I think that Jaguar is better off focusing their advertising in a place where their market is struggling. If people in LA, Miami, and NYC are already there best markets and people in these places already know how great Jaguars are, then why don't they branch that idea to some other major city in the US or even cross boarders. This will hopefully open their market even further. But if Jaguar was to advertise in airports with billboards I think they should only put the ads in first class seating areas and also lounges at airports.

    Jason Sherman

  5. Jaguar is focussing and targeting the 3 major travel cities which is also where many high end users reside. I think having a campaign that runs in a specified market(s) is a good thing. It sounds like it's a launch that will branch out eventually to the rest of the country. Just looking at one part, the people that are traveling to these cities are taking in the whole experience of travel. A new town, different people, different culture, excitement, and lavish lifestyles. So when they see these billboards and ads it may resonate in their minds through their experience that "Jaguar is what people drive in New York", or LA or Miami. If they just ran the ads on meet the press, it may open an eye, but not give the potential customer an experience that would motivate them to seek out the dealership.

  6. Yes, I feel Miami and L.A will be excellent states for Jaguar’s advertisement. They are both popular states with a large population of wealthy individuals. Most of these wealthy individuals travel often, so the billboard will be visible to them at the airport. These states also have a large tourist following, so this advertisement should work out well for Jaguar. I am a bit skeptical when it comes to New York. This is because New York residents are typical not car owners. Due to the large population of the state, cabs and trains are typical the transportation of choice. I assume maybe the well prominent residents will purchase the Jaguar only because they can afford drivers to drive them around. So it may be successful in New York as well. But overall I think this billboard advertising in airports will be a great thing for Jaguar.