Thursday, November 19, 2009

Will you buy Poland Spring water because it’s natural?


With bottled water sales weakening in North American, Nestle has decided to take a new approach and tout its waters as “natural” and “healthy” with a “distinct taste”. (Lukovitz, 2009).

Hearing that reminds me of Imus’ tirade against Dasani water several years back. I believe that he called it London sewer water!

Since I was under the impression that part of the reason people were cutting back on bottled water was because of environmental concerns about the empty bottles, I’m wondering if this approach will work.

What do you think? Are these salient messages? Will they overcome your environmental concerns? Will they motivate you to buy Poland Springs?

Lukovitz, K. (2009, November 16). Nestle Waters Stresses Regional Brands’ Sourcing. Retrived November 18, 2009, from

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