Thursday, August 20, 2009

But does it make you want to buy something?


At the end of July, Forbes magazine asked a panel of experts to select “the funniest” tv commercial from a selection of 37 commercials dating as far back as 1965.

This 2003 commercial was their favorite.

Here's the URL:

I have to admit I thought this ad was a hoot. But sadly, it did not prompt me to make a visit to IKEA. Was your reaction any different?

While the article does not specifically address the commercial’s failure as a marketing tool, it did mention that the agency who did it – Crispin Porter – no longer works on the brand. Hmm. Isn’t it time that we all realized that funny does not equal effective?

Dr. Pepper announced their second quarter earnings, and guess what? Sales volume for Snapple fell 15%.

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  1. Interesting note on Snapple! Maybe they could use some the suggestions from class - smiles!

    As far as IKEA, I felt no urge to visit anymore than I already felt - cute commercial though!