Friday, May 19, 2017

Sorry Mass Mutual, I don't think Millennials will respond to your new campaign. Assuming they were even your target.

Maybe it's just me.  But when I watch this new commercial from Mass Mutual I am confused.  According to the company, the insight that led to the campaign is that interdependence is our greatest gift.  And based on this they have chosen to try to persuade Millennials through their parents.  Or are they trying to persuade parents to buy more insurance to help their kids?  (Pasquarelli, 2017)

When I look at this ad, I think that unfortunately they are trying to do both, and as a result they are doing neither well.  Rule #1 in marketing - know who your target is. 

Take a look and see what you think...

Over the past several years we have seen a couple of insurance companies trying to engage Millennials.  According to my students, Prudential, who uses "social proof," i.e. the need to belong, to persuade was the most successful.  And some appreciated the humor in the NY Life spot, which uses "liking" to connect with the target.  You can read their thoughts here...

But I can't help but wonder what they would make of Mass Mutual's effort.  In all likelihood, they won't even notice it.

Pasquarelli, A. & Stein, L. (2017, May 15)  Finances Are Family Affair in MassMutual Campaign.  retrieved May 19, 2017, from

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