Friday, December 26, 2014

I guess I'm not the only one who likes the Dos Equis ads.

I have always found the Dos Equis ads amusing, particularly the radio ads, which allow me to use my imagination more than the tv commercials do. 

And I thought that their effort for Halloween, including a social media tie-in -- send us your pics, win a trip to New Orleans to meet the most interesting man -- sounded like a winner . (Corr, 2014)

But I don't drink beer.  So I had no idea whether they were in fact effective with their target audience.

Well, now I do.  According to data provided by Beer Marketer's Insights, Dos Equis is the fastest growing beer brand in America.  1.6 million barrels were shipped in 2013, up 116.6% versus 2008.  (The campaign began in 2006.)  (Frohlich, 2014)

Who says advertising doesn't work?

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