Thursday, September 1, 2011

Not your father’s grandfather.


Today’s grandparents are not old. They are Baby Boomers between 45 and 64.

And, they are a growing target. In 2010, there were 65 million of them, by 2020 one in every three adults will be grandparents, and they will number 80 million.

They represent 60% of the nation’s income. And their spending is increasing too. In 2009 they spent $7.6 billion on things like infant food, equipment and clothing, toys games, and tricycles… a 71% increase since 1999. (Mahoney, 2011)

Ignore them at your own risk.

Mahoney, S. (2011, August 31). The New Grandparent: Younger, Richer, More Giving. Retrieved August 31, 2011, from

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