Thursday, May 12, 2011

How about that? It appears that you can sell Truvia using an emotional approach.


Back in October 2010, Cargill announced that they were going to use an emotional approach to sell Truvia after having only limited success with a rational pitch.

Here’s the link to the blog and discussion we had about the idea:

Most of us felt that it was worth a try and might be successful. We also discussed the fact that the jingle while a tad annoying was also quite memorable.

Now comes word that Truvia’s market share has increased from 8.2% in October to 12.8% in March, and it is now the #2 brand behind Splenda. (Lukovitz, 2011)

So, I guess that proves that an emotional approach can sell any product – even an artificial sweetener. How interesting!

Lukovitz, K. (2011, May 3) Cargill’s Truvia Now #2 Sugar Substitute. Retrieved May 12, 2011, from

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